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2013 CPAPS Award Winners

Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society Award of Excellence
Zufar Bikbov, 
Meig’s Point in March, 
Oil, 12.5 x 18

CPAPS Gold Medal
Laureen Hylka, 
That Special Glow,
oil,11 x 14

Founder’s Gold Medal
Margaret Dean, 
Midmorning Light, 
oil, 12 x 16

Don Demers Award , 
Dan Nichols, 
Cascade Brook Falls, 
watercolor, 26 x 29

Honorable Mentions:

Karen Cashman, 
View from Foote Park, 
oil, 8 x 16

Bernard McTigue, 
Summer Marsh, 
oil, 16 x 20

Robert Noreika, 
oil, 16 x 20

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Dear CPAPS Members,

I am writing to wish you a very Happy New Year and to remind you of our upcoming annual meeting and pick up date of paintings in our Annual Member’s Exhibit. Originally we had scheduled pick up of works for the morning of Saturday, January 25. We will be pushing back the time to early afternoon, from 1:00-3:00 pm, and we will hold our annual membership meeting at 3:00 pm at Hartford Fine Art and Framing. It is very important that you make every effort to attend this meeting, as we will be presenting a new slate of Board Members, and we will need you present for the vote. I am delighted to share the news that our dear Pamela Lussier will be up for nomination as our next President! We are so very fortunate to have her volunteer for this position. And that means that my term as your President has come to an end. It has been a wonderful experience, and I have enjoyed the opportunity to provide CPAPS leadership over the past two years. Serving as your president has been an enriching and rewarding endeavor, and I will continue to serve CPAPS as past President and its newest Elected Artist. I wish to thank the board members I have worked with for all of the support, cooperation, and camaraderie they have provided me. I appreciate all the work and time that was generously contributed during my term.

Now with winter’s short days and cold grasp we must force ourselves into our studios and keep our skills fresh and our paintbrushes active. It is time to haul out all of those half finished paintings and let them talk to you and tell you what they need. It is time to read those biographies of the artists you most admire. It is time to prepare your plein air supply chest for spring’s urgent call, and purchase paint refills, brushes, canvas (or in my case- pastels), and any other supplies to be ready for the first warm day to get outside and paint. It is time for reflection, and self-analysis, as we ask ourselves what direction we want to take with our paintings next year. A goal-oriented artist accomplishes more, just by setting goals. What are your goals, and what are your weaknesses? How are you going to next season your best one ever? So hop out of bed a little bit earlier, put down that extra cup of coffee, and get to work! Plein air season is just a few short months away.

Elizabeth Rhoades
President, CPAPS

Annual Members Exhibition Reception

It is my pleasure to invite you, on behalf of the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, to the Annual Members exhibition reception and show this Friday night, November 8th, 2013 from 6-8.

Food, wine, music and the camaraderie of your fellow artists and patrons make a winning combination not to be missed.

Speaking of winners, I wanted to take this opportunity to give a great big thank you and applause to those that helped make this our most special and ambitious show yet. These people are all award winners in my book, they have volunteered time from their busy schedules to help our organization.

Special thanks goes out first to two of my fellow Board members: Carol Lavoie who is always willing and able to take on any task put before her and Patricia Corbett for handling all of the monetary aspects of the show readily and efficiently. Thanks to both of them also for their positive attitude and support.

Thank you Zufar Bikov for taking on the daunting task of collating all the paperwork and CDs and constant Facebook updates. Thank you Jay Babina for designing and publishing both the beautiful postcards and program. Thank you Elizabeth Rhodes for making up the labels and helping with the press release. Thank you Margaret Dean for your coaching. And a large loud round of applause goes out to my hanging committee who helped take 110 awesome paintings, by 39 different artists and make each one stand on its own. This is not a small feat and when you see the show I think that you will agree that they did a great job.

The winners of the hanging committee are Susan Jositas – a hanging wizard who just does it, quickly and beautifully; Marilyn Swift who has an eagle eye and quick with the hammer; Patricia Corbett who delivered a delicious lunch and moved many paintings onto the wall; Diana Rogers who got right in there and Carol Lavoie, who after receiving all of the work helped hang. Thanks also to Jane Zisk for hanging the kiosks and final tweaks.

Thank you to all who have and will be helping with the reception. A thanks again goes out to Carol Lavoie for overseeing the reception, Patricia Corbett for helping with refreshments and Elizabeth Rhoades for providing the flowers.

A big thank you to our new webmaster, Debbie Corkindale, for taking on the job of keeping our site up to date and Karen Cashman for sending out the Constant Contact messages.

I also want to thank those that signed up to bring refreshments on Friday: Sally Brown -brownies and walnuts; Randie Kahrl-chesse/crakers/ dip; Diana Rogers-veggies & dip; Susan Jositas-mexican dip and chips. If so inclined please feel free to bring one of your favorite appetizers with you on Friday night.

Without the help of all of the CPAPS winners our show just wouldn’t be the same. Please help me thank each and every one of them this Friday night at our reception between 6 and 8 at the Hartford Fine Art and Framing, 80 Pitkin Street, East Hartford, Connecticut.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bill and Lauren Plage for their on-going support of CPAPS and being our hosts for the annual exhibition.

As to the winning paintings of the 2013 Annual Members Exhibition, juried by Jerry Weiss, please be at the reception at 7 pm when they will be revealed.

I look forward to seeing all of you this Friday night.

Warm Regards,
Jill Nichols
Vice-President, Chair Annual Members Exhibition Show

JOIN US FOR OUR PAINTOUTS - Every year we offer a diverse schedule of paintout locations that will appeal to our far-flung membership. Our first group paintout will take place April 27 at Ashlawn Farm in Old Lyme. We invite CPAPS member and non-members to join us. Painting out together is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with artists who like to paint en plein air. See our Paint Out Schedule.

Every year, we are contacted by various organizations who invite our membership to participate in their events - opportunities to paint on location or exhibit or both. Our new Bulletin Board page lists those opportunities and much more. If you have items to suggest for the bulletin board, send them to Elizabeth Rhoades, CPAPS President.

WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES - If you are looking for a workshop or class, we invite you to investigate the classes and workshops offered by our Elected Art members. Visit our Workshops page.

WHAT IS PLEIN AIR PAINTING? Plein Air is a French phrase that means "in the open air". The term decsribes a style of painting made directly from nature in order to capture the fleeting effects of light. The painter's challenge is to create an impression of the scene in the immediacy of the moment.
More about Plein Air Painting

The Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society was founded in 1995 by Jane Zisk and has grown from a small group into a membership of over 100 professional and emerging artists dedicated to plein air painting. The Society was the subject of a Feature Article iin American Artist Magazine.  The article provides background on the formation of the Society and celebrates the joy of plein air painting. Read the article.

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