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Beth Ellis

1953 - 2012

"A lovely house overlooks the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. On the lawn, a sign says 'Dreams Really Do Come True.' Beth liked to say, "I smile as I walk by, because I have found that to be so true!"

"Becoming a plein air painter was not so much a decision as a 'stepping into.' At age twelve, I was introduced to the painters at Perkins Cove Art Colony in Ogunquit. While I watched with fascination, seeds were being planted for my future. After graduating from Paier College of Art in New Haven, I had a satisfying career as a designer and illustrator. In those years, N.C. Wyeth captured my illustrator's soul, while Andrew Wyeth captured my heart. Later, I discovered the work of Winslow Homer, and was inspired by his passion for the sea and his beautiful use of color. Fellow painters and mentors such as Kathleen Humpage, Charles Sovek and Ed Hicks also played active roles in my development."

Several years ago, Beth established a successful gallery at Perkins Cove where she has exhibited paintings of rural and coastal New England. During the summer, you could find her painting along the coast of Maine, or teaching plein air painting. When at home in Glastonbury, farmlands and Connecticut River sites were her favorite subjects.

"I am grateful for a supportive partner in life, wonderful family and friends, my spiritual connection to God, and my diverse audience of appreciators. I paint because I must, and I'm grateful to know that dreams really do come true."

Original Oil Paintings by Beth Ellis Tryon's Farm Afternoon Light Fishing Along the Ogunquit River Misty Morning Chatham Heights
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