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Studio Name: RUSSERA

Artist Bio

subject: I am a landscape artist. I love to paint nature since it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. In nature, I find harmony and beauty, power, and lyricism. Often I choose sceneries with signs of human presence: farmlands, roads, boats. I show in my paintings that human is a part of this world. And my message is that we are responsible for the collaboration with nature, responsible for maintaining harmony in our interaction with it. Along with the beauty of the world admiration in my paintings I want people to see connections to other generations through time. I have a big interest in historical buildings and signs of activities that stay the same through time like fishing and farming. So my goal is to create art that makes people enjoy what they see on my canvases, experience emotions, and trigger thoughts and contemplations. style: The roots of my education are Russian art, where Realism and Impressionism have twisted together and the best of these two styles were taken into it. Levitan with Shishkin in the landscape, Repin, and Kramskoy always will be my teachers, bright beacons that navigate me in the world of painting. Russian realism stands on the idea, emotional response, and the highest level of professionalism in drawing and painting skills. Fine art painting in Russian called Zhivopis', which means "lively painting" in contrast to coloring, or just painting. I think this term explains a lot. Favorite awards: Artists' Choice Awards which I collected quite a few over the last decade is my favorite one showing appreciation from peer artist whom we compete with at art events. teaching: Russera project is an Art Gallery and an Educational resource from artists who represent Russian art. Its main idea is to present artworks ranging from plein air studies to masterworks to audiences outside Russia. Video content along with art classes will open up the veil of mystery around the phenomenon of Russian Fine Art.