Svetlana Shorey

Studio Name: Lana’s Gallery

Artist Bio

Svetlana Shorey’s first attempts at painting happened while she was in high school. At that time, she lived with her parents in the former Soviet Union, where she received her education and cultural influence. The most common painting mediums then, that could be found in local stores, were watercolors, gouache, and tempera, which were used broadly in traditional Russian decorative painting and iconography. Over the years, Svetlana has found this to be a major influence in her artistic career. After her relocation to the US, for many years she was practicing decorative and mural painting in Indiana, Central Florida, and Connecticut in private residences, children’s facilities, and other offices. During that time, she was also focusing on taking care of her family, raising three sons, and teaching in private settings and at the independent day school, Ezra Academy, CT. Nowadays, many of Svetlana Shorey’s art works are in private collections in different countries and on display in art galleries throughout Connecticut. However, Svetlana is still working on perfecting her fine art skills and developing more sophisticated styles. She attends Zoom meetings, critiques, and seminars offered by the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, regularly practicing live figure sketching at the Art League of New Britain and Wethersfield Academy for the Arts, and she enjoys painting outdoors with her friends and the Connecticut Plein Air Painters' artists. Svetlana believes that we can grow as artists only through consistent communication and sharing our talents. The artists she admires are: Ivan Kramskoy, Isaac Levitan, John Singer Sargent, Sir Anthony van Dyck, Hudson River School artists, and many, many others :)