For most of us this is quite a ways, but the drive is beautiful and the town of Kent is worth visiting. There are at least three excellent art galleries open Sunday afternoon, including the Morrison Gallery and the Kent Art Association. I contacted that group and some of their members might come out to join us.

Kent Falls is the highest in CT, composed of a series of falls accessed by steps going up the mountain. Every level produced another view and another challenge, as it was pretty steep. I plan to reduce my normal supplies to a minimum since, though there is much to paint without climbing, the view from two tiers up was amazing and worth the effort. Because of the heavy rain lately, the Falls should be going much stronger than when I was there last Tuesday afternoon. And although they say not to swim, there were many people doing just that. Should be fun!

Consider carpooling, and come see a beautiful part of Connecticut.
462 Kent Cornwall Road (Rte. 7)

Kent CT

Paint Out Chair, Shauna Shane

Kent Falls State Park, 462 Kent Cornwall Road (Rte. 7) Kent CT