275 Great Neck Road, Waterford CT 06385

June 23, beginning at 9:00

Once again, we will paint at Harkness Memorial Park. Taking photos last week I found a major improvement in the gardens and grounds compared to years past. With the activities in the great lawn at least four flower gardens, and the shorelline right there, it is without doubt a wonderful place to paint. Columns, fountains, a beautiful mansion that gives tours if a wedding isn’t scheduled, ginkgo trees, and many nooks and crannies that invite the painter to stop and record a fantastic resource right in our back yard.

Park policy it is that it is free to CT residents, but the same park policy says that we cannot have signage for CPAPS. I’ll be away on a road trip, so this site will be without our normal sign-in table.

Harkness Memorial Park 275 Great Neck Road Waterford CT 06385